Fall in Oil Prices & Hazardous Waste Cost Recovery, February 2015

Background:  California auto dealers are charging for expenses related to management and disposal of hazardous wastes generated during servicing an automobile since 1989.  The dealers are allowed to recover the expenses, both direct and indirect, incurred in managing and disposal of wastes generated during servicing automobiles.  The used oil haulers who were once paying dealers for oil in the amount of $0.85 to $1.00 per gallon are no longer paying.  This is the direct consequence of the reduction of the price of crude oil.

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Used Oil Recycling Program, November 2005

This is probably the best-kept secret: dealers can get money from the State!  First, look at your new oil (or ATF, gear oil) bill.  You will see a $0.16 fee for every gallon of oil purchased.  You can get this fee back.  All you have you do is become a Used Oil Recycling Center.  Believe me, there are hundreds of them in L.A. County, so jump on the smart money bandwagon.  Dealers, depending upon their oil use, have been getting up to four to five thousand dollars annually.  Also, as a business helping to keep the environment clean adds a big plus to your image in the community.

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Environmental Affairs, July 1994

Hazardous Waste Management — Cost Analysis

The California Attorney General’s Office has sent several automobile dealers notices regarding deceptive advertising practices being used for hazardous waste disposal charges. The Attorney General’s office is specifically concerned with advertisements (i.e.  coupons) that list a price for a service with a notation “Plus Hazardous Waste Disposal.”

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