Heat Illness Prevention Program Training, May 2016

BackgroundCal/OSHA heat illness prevention regulation (T8CCR3395) became effective on May 1, 2015.  This standard applies to outdoor areas of employment.  When porters are parking cars and salespersons are showing automobiles on display to customers or taking them on test drives, they are considered to be working outdoors.  Fed-OSHA also requires that employees be trained in heat illness prevention under a general injury prevention standard.  Cal/OSHA enforcement details are at http://www.dir.ca.gov/dosh/heatillnessqa.html.

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Wastewater Disposal, Respiratory Protection Program, Forklift Operator Training, etc., May 1999

Wastewater Disposal

A number of auto dealers in Orange County, California are involved in a lawsuit over improper disposal of wastewater to storm drains.  A company that previously was involved in cleaning the shop floors at some of these dealerships has filed the lawsuit.  While the legal theories being used in the lawsuit are complex, the objective of this article is to reinforce proper wastewater disposal procedures for the dealerships.

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Lawsuit Over Wash Water Discharge, March 1999

A few weeks ago auto dealers in Orange County received a summons from Superior Court regarding improper wastewater disposal of wash water from pressure washing and steam cleaning to storm drains.  This newsletter summarizes the issues involved and the steps the dealers must take to ensure environmental compliance.  The legal remedy to the summons, though, is best handled by contacting the dealership’s insurance carrier.  Typically, the insurance carrier will appoint counsel to represent the dealership.  To ensure continued environmental compliance, the dealership must ensure proper disposal of wastewater from the shop area.

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